Oct 08
Sep 09

NEOOPS Organized Outdoor Event with Its Clients in Prague

It was really great to have a face-to-face meeting with our clients this Monday, September 6! That was our first "live" event since the start of the pandemic. We have decided to go for an informal gathering at Vltava river and enjoy the last days of summer by sitting outside... read more →
May 11

NEOOPS Gets Double on Blue Prism Partner Awards 2021!

Blue Prism announced Partner Awards Winners for this year at the Partner Forum event on Thursday, May 6, 2021. Blue Prism uses annual Partner Awards Ceremony to acknowledge key partners in Blue Prism’s ecosystem while showcasing their expertise in delivering intelligent automation capabilities to transform how organizations operate, compete, and... read more →
Mar 12

Take Automation to the Next Level with Web Services!

The term ‘Web services’ has joined the other trendy buzzwords dominating the automation scene lately. Thanks to their versatility, web services are widely used in standard IT integrations and now they are finding their way into RPA. It is a technique that was available in Blue Prism from the very... read more →
Jan 13

Announcing a New Course—Blue Prism Web Services!

We are happy to announce our new training course—Blue Prism Web Services, which we will be running only on Thursday, January 28, 2021. Why we have decided to create Blue Prism Web Services course? And why it might be to your advantage to take it? In the last year we... read more →
Nov 09
Jun 26
Jun 03

Join Our Webinar: How Banks Can Improve Customer Experience

Since 2015, NEOOPS has automated hundreds of processes. In general, only a minority of them could be automated fully as some steps require human decision or manual completion. NEOOPS has experienced that lots of banks face these challenges during their automation journey. Processes are complex and often require subjective judgmental... read more →
Apr 20

New Video about Virtual Trainings – FAQ

During this month (April 2020), we saw the first of our ‘Virtual Training Sessions’. Although we have been delivering training successfully over the last few years, delivering them virtually was something of a new endeavor for us and naturally we expected to receive some questions and doubts about this new... read more →
Apr 16

TrustPortal – Including Human in the Loop

During last few months, NEOOPS has been implementing TrustPortal technology. We would like to share with you how TrustPortal can help you to get more out of your robotic workforce. NEOOPS has been on the RPA market since 2015 and during that time, we have automated hundreds of processes for... read more →