NEOOPS has been one of the first Blue Prism Delivery Partners and now it is also an Authorized Training Partner. We have been helping our clients build end-to-end robotic capabilities and train client resources for over 5 years. In this period, we have helped more than 500 client users to become confident with Blue Prism technology.

We have decided to launch our RPA Training Academy and share our “RPA wisdom” and accumulated knowledge with anyone who is eager to learn. In our Academy, we provide “live” classroom courses which are led by our most advanced and experienced Blue Prism experts.

Over the last 5 years we have trained 900+ people from more than 20 countries and received a lot of positive feedbacks from our clients.

Our courses help to get ready for AD01 – Blue Prism Developer Exam.


  • Each course is built on Blue Prism Best Practice and methodology which is combined with 5+ years of practical experience (based on 100+ robotic projects and more than 500 automated processes).
  • All the courses are run by our Accredited Blue Prism Developers with several years of hands-on experience.
  • Our training sessions are highly interactive where attendees have an opportunity to raise questions and share their own experience at any point of time.


  • Our objective is to make you self-sustainable and self-sufficient in a very short period of time. And you would agree that nothing can beat live human interaction to make learning most efficient.
  • Our training facilities are conveniently located in 3 locations: Prague, (Czech Republic), Warsaw (Poland) and Greater Boston Area (USA).
  • Our current focus is on providing classroom courses. However, we offer several various ways to learn RPA and Blue Prism:
    • Classroom training: at our premises in 3 locations
    • Training at your location: we are truly mobile and we can deliver our classroom training in your location anywhere in Europe or USA
    • On-demand training/s: we can develop a customized training based on your needs


Our current curriculum consists of four courses: (1) Blue Prism Foundation Course, (2) Blue Prism Practitioner Course, (3) Blue Prism Business Analyst Course and (4) Blue Prism RPA Manager Course.

(1) Blue Prism Foundation Course is a 4-day, instructor-led training course. It is aimed for people interested in Blue Prism development. The course covers various aspects of Blue Prism such as processes, objects, work queues, etc. A mini project at the end of the course covers the various lessons and skills developed throughout the course.

Online, self-study sessions are also available.

Click here to learn more about the course (Blue Prism Foundation Course Facts Sheet.pdf)

(2) Blue Prism Practitioner Course is a 4-day, instructor-led training course which is aimed for Blue Prism developers with prior experience automating processes using Blue Prism. This course has a strong focus on Blue Prism best practices and their practical application for real-life development. It covers end-to-end delivery cycle of RPA projects and is strongly focused on build and test phases. The applications used: Windows, web and Java-based.

Click here to learn more about the course (Blue Prism Practitioner Course Facts Sheet.pdf)

(3) RPA Business Analyst Course is a 1-day, instructor-led training course which is aimed for the future Business Analysts. This course will enable Business Analysts to lead Process Assessments and select suitable process candidates for automation, document processes and create process documentation, manage business process exceptions and coordinate and perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Click here to learn more about the course (RPA Business Analyst Course Facts Sheet.pdf)

(4) RPA Manager Course is a 1-day, instructor-led training course aimed for RPA Project Managers/Team Leads and RPA CoE (Centre of Excellence) Leads who will be leading RPA-related activities in the organization. The objective of the course is to cover RPA fundamentals starting from the definition of RPA & Digital Workforce, suitable technology, benefits that can be achieved and understanding the requirements for RPA implementation.

Click here to learn more about the course (RPA Manager Course Facts Sheet.pdf)

(5) Blue Prism Technical Master Course is 1-day classroom course aimed for IT Specialists/Blue Prism Developers who will be responsible for setting up & maintaining Blue Prism infrastructure. The course covers Blue Prism installation, Login Agent, incident management, versioning and system setup.


We now run our classroom courses from 2 locations: Prague (Czech Republic) and Greater Boston Area (USA).

Our classroom schedule for Prague location:

Month Blue Prism Foundation Course RPA Business Analyst Course Blue Prism Practitioner Course Blue Prism Technical Master Course
January 2020 Jan 13 – 16 Jan 17 Jan 20 – 23 Jan 24
February 2020 Feb 3 – 6 Feb 7 Feb 17 – 20 Feb 21
March 2020 Mar 2 – 5 Mar 6 Mar 16 – 19 Mar 20
April 2020 Apr 6 – 9 Apr 10 Apr 20 – 23 Apr 24

Our classroom schedule for Greater Boston Area location:

Month Blue Prism Foundation Course RPA Business Analyst Course Blue Prism Practitioner Course Blue Prism Technical Master Course
January 2020 Jan 28 – 31 Jan 27 Upon request Upon request
February 2020 Upon request Upon request Upon request Upon request
March 2020 Upon request Mar 30 Mar 2 – 5 Mar 6
April 2020 Mar 31 – Apr 3 Upon request Upon request Upon request

*NOTE: RPA Manager Course is run upon request for any of the above locations.


Please contact us to ask any questions about the training, pricing and/or how to enroll for the course:

  • For training inquiries Europe (Czech Republic, Poland and/or any other European location) please call us at +44 7942 8687 43 (Oxana),
  • for training inquiries in the USA, please call as at +1 (508) 333 6424 (Simona)
  • or email us at info@neoops.com.
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