• In April, we will run 4 Blue Prism courses in both modes simultaneously :  a standard classroom  (physical attendance at NEOOPS offices) OR  virtual classroom ( joining via the interactive web-based platform) so you can choose how you want to join the course.
  • You can join the course from ANYWHERE:  from home, from the office or any other location. The only requirement will be the access to internet.
  • The virtual training will be provided in an absolutely identical way as the actual classroom training.
  • It is a “live“ training session which will be led by a NEOOPS instructor from the beginning to the end.
  • The duration of the training is absolutely the same.
  • It will cover the same agenda and the same training materials will be used.
  • It will be delivered by the same NEOOPS Blue Prism Accredited Instructor.
  • At the end of a virtual training, you will receive the Training Course Completion Certificate just as you would in our standard classroom training.
  • The only difference is that you will have a choice either to come to our office physically for the training OR to use a web-based platform to log in and join the class session remotely, with live interaction.


  • We will use a web-based interactive learning platform for delivering the course.
  • Prior to the session, we will provide you with detailed instructions on what needs to be done and when.
  • We will have a quick call with each attendee individually to do some basic testing of the web-based interactive learning platform just to make sure that it is ready for the start of the session.
  • For the technical trainings such as Blue Prism Technical Master & Blue Prism Practitioner courses – the attendees will get the full access to the Blue Prism software.
  • The session will not require any installation on the attendees’ part.
  • All you need is high speed internet connection and a headset with a microphone (if you are joining from a public/noise space).


  • We have fixed dates in April 2020 for four RPA / Blue Prism courses (as per the table below) below).
  • The training timing is based on CET Time (Central European Time). So, if you are located anywhere in Europe you can take any of these courses.
  • As of May 2020, we will be offering fixed dates on Central Time (USA and Canada).

The duration of this “virtual” training will be absolutely the same as for the physical classroom session (e.g. for Blue Prism Foundation training, it will be 4 remote sessions, 9am – 5pm, Monday to Thursday).

Course Date Duration Start – End Time Brief Course Description*
Blue Prism Foundation Course 6-9 April 4 days 9am – 5pm CET The course covers various aspects of Blue Prism such as processes, objects, work queues, etc. A mini project at the end of the course covers the various lessons and skills developed throughout the course.
RPA Business Analyst Course 9 April 1 day 9am – 5pm CET This course will enable Business Analysts to lead Process Assessments and select suitable process candidates for automation, document processes and create process documentation, manage business process exceptions and coordinate and perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
Blue Prism Practitioner Course 20-23 April 4 days 9am – 5pm CET This course is aimed for Blue Prism developers with prior experience automating processes using Blue Prism. This course has a strong focus on Blue Prism best practices and their practical application for real-life development. It covers end-to-end delivery cycle of RPA projects and is strongly focused on build and test phases. The applications used: Windows, web and Java-based.
Blue Prism Technical Master Course 24 April 1 day 9am – 5pm CET This course aimed for IT Specialists/Blue Prism Developers who will be responsible for setting up & maintaining Blue Prism infrastructure. The course covers Blue Prism installation, Login Agent, incident management, versioning and system setup.

*NOTE: for detailed courses description please refer to the tab “RPA Courses


Please contact us to ask any questions about the training, pricing and/or how to enroll for the course:

  • Please call us at +44 7942 8687 43 (Oxana) or email us at  info@neoops.com.

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