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RPA Consultancy & Implementation

We will support you on your automation journey – from the very first steps to a fully operational Center of Excellence where humans and robots work hand in hand.

Robotic Operating Model

  • Defining vision for process automation – identifying expected business benefits and outlining how these align to corporate strategy.
  • Defining organizational design that best supports delivery of RPA capability.
  • Defining process discovery approach to create a credible method in selecting processes for automation.

Process Discovery

  • Conducting Process Assessment to identify business processes suitable for automation.
  • Translating aggregated results of Process Assessment into a business case.
  • Creating detailed process documentation and recommending optimal solution.

Proof of Concept

  • Installing interim desktop-based Blue Prism environment.
  • Automating one or two simple business processes to demonstrate viability of RPA solution.
  • Providing an evaluation Blue Prism license for free (read more about licensing policy).

Business Process Automation & Support

  • Delivering all phases of automation life cycle – from solution design to process configuration, testing and deployment to production environment.
  • Continuous coaching and mentoring of your RPA team members.
  • Providing post-go-live support & ongoing maintenance.

Technology & IT Infrastructure

  • Designing a secure and scalable platform for your robots.
  • Setting up Blue Prism development, testing and production environments both on premise and in the cloud.
  • Connecting Blue Prism to other technologies to leverage intelligent automation (read more about Intelligent Automation Ecosystem).