Shared Services and Outsourcing Week, Prague 2019

17. 10. 2019

NEOOPS was proud sponsor of another great event – a Shared Services and Outsourcing Week which took place this week in Prague, Czech Republic.

This event had a strong focus on the possibilities offered by RPA. Intelligent Automation, Data-Driven Service Innovation and Next-Gen Talent Strategies made it the event of choice for forward thinking GBS and SSC professional’s across all the major industries of Europe.

The Czech Republic and Eastern Europe are the true hub for the Shared Services & Business Services industry (with more than 100,000 business services professionals and multiple GBS and SSC centres across) and RPA theme remains to stay on the top of the business agenda even more than ever before.

While NEOOPS hosted the client workshop and the roundtable discussion, the presenters, Jan Rapala (the managing director of NEOOPS) and Zdenek Kabatek (the Head of Professional Services) realised that level of RPA maturity increased drastically among SSCs and GBS organisations lately.

If even a couple of years ago the key discussion questions were about “what is RPA” and “ what could be the benefits”, now the main focus was on “what is next” and how to increase the utilisation of existing robotic workforce.

Jan and Zdenek were openly and honestly sharing their knowledge, the experience of more than 6 years in RPA industry and thoughts about what can help RPA clients to scale up and “get more out of their robots”. If you have not attended the event but are interested in NEOOPS expert opinion, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us –

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