Empower your business with Robotic Automation

Robotic Process Automation is an innovative technology empowering business operations in services industries such as BPO, Banks, Telco, Energy, etc. to quickly automate their processes while dramatically reducing operational costs.

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“NEOOPS introduced Blue Prism Enterprise RPA to Central and Eastern Europe in early 2014 and is one of our strategic partners in the region. NEOOPS have collaborated with Blue Prism on a number of RPA projects, and we commend their valuable contribution to the growth and evolution of the Blue Prism RPA partner eco-system in the UK, Nordics, and Central Europe.”

Alex Bentley
Head of Automation Strategy

“We have engaged NEOOPS to support a number of our automation programs. The NEOOPS team have developed an excellent knowledge of our Virtual Workforce solution and their flexibility and professionalism has helped to ensure successful project outcomes ”

Danny Major
Head of Service Development

“We are currently working with NEOOPS on a large robotic project in Norway. NEOOPS enabled us to deliver the project thanks to their training, mentoring and robotic automation skills”

Erik Lien


NEOOPS will support you on your journey towards robotic process automation:

  • Design solution and define automation strategy
  • Implement Blue Prism robotic software
  • Build Robotic Process Automation capability within your organization

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  • Reduced operating cost. Robots work 24 x 7
  • Increased process quality and accuracy. Robots do not make mistakes.
  • Speed – days and weeks to automate a process that would normally take months and years with traditional automation approaches
  • Freeing up employees to engage customers, improve service and innovate with new ideas

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