2017 Recap and Thoughts for 2018

2. 1. 2018

2017 was quite the year for our team at NEOOPS. Through the addition of several new joiners, we have seen our consulting team expand and improve its RPA capabilities which allows us to deliver more and faster RPA value. In 2017 alone, our team has been engaged in over 40 Robotic Process Automation projects mostly spread across Europe. Additionally, 2017 also marks the year in which NEOOPS left its first footprints in Asia, where our team has been engaged in a long-term project in the vibrant capital of the Philippines – Manila.

Keeping up with the tradition, NEOOPS was also presented at the Czech ABSL Conference (5th Edition) in which our founders Jan Rapala and Zdenek Kabatek hosted a session on How to Get More Out of Your Robots (see photos here). The event was a great opportunity to see some of our old clients and get to know potential new ones, but most of all it allowed NEOOPS to share with the the Czech Shared Service ecosystem our plans for the future.

On behalf of the NEOOPS team we would like to wish all our clients a happy new year of 2018. Stay tuned.

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