Career days – Veletrh iKariéra 2018 ČVUT

12. 4. 2018

At the end of March, we enjoyed a day at Veletrh iKariéra 2018 ČVUT v Praze.

It was really nice to meet a lot of students who were in the end of their studies. Many of them were actively interested in robotic process automation and in the field of our work in general. We were happy to meet a couple of interesting individuals who would fit into NEOOPS team in the future.

Of course, students were curious. The most frequent question was what exactly RPA is, so we explained it in detail and showed them some demos. Whole concept of RPA was perceived as interesting.

Students also wanted to know what exactly they would do in NEOOPS and how the everyday work looks like.

➡️ Have you been at our NEOOPS stand and still did not send us your CV or you had not have the chance to stop by, but you are interested in our work? ➡️ Send us a CV to!

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